Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)
Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)

Groove Vest | Try Before You Buy (Free Shipping)

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Groove Vest + Koozie & Beanie Bundle | Try Before You Buy 

  • Price: $199 ($100 OFF, charged after 2 weeks from receiving your Groove Vest)
  • Estimated Delivery: Christmas 2020 (production updates will be provided)


The Groove Vest is the first competition impact vest designed with a patented low profile speaker integration technique which means your lightweight high-quality impact vest can sing you your favorite tunes without sacrificing your comfort or range of motion. 

We segmented the foam panels to align with your anatomy, providing natural breaking points around your major muscle groups so your vest moves with you as you cut through the water.

To keep things light, we used a special blend of plastic to create waterproof enclosures around the speakers and hardware integrated within your vest. You get 8GB of internal storage empowering you to download over 2,000+ MP3 files that pump you up for your next big session. 

Controlling your music is simple. With easy access volume, play/pause, and skip buttons located on your chest, you can get in control of your music anytime you’re out on the water. If you want to segment your playlist for different moods, the multi-function button gestures allow you to skip through playlists giving you the power to set the tone for your ride.



Speaker Type: Portable Waterproof Speaker

Connection Type: 16GB Internal Memory (2,000+ songs)

Impedance: 4±10%ohm

Speaker Output: 2 watts

Driver Diameter: 40mm

SNR/Sound Pressure Level: 87±3dB

Weight: approx. 200g

Charging: Micro USB

Frequency Range: 200Hz-20KHz

Battery Capacity: 1,500mAh

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Charge Time: approx 3 Hours

Playback Time: approx 8 hours

Housing Material: Polycarbonate



Material: Made with 100% neoprene bonded to 100% polyester 

Foam: Closed Cell MLC Foam

Zipper: YYK #8 Marine Grade Zipper



This garment must be worn only by experienced watersports participants and only in an environment in which safety factors such as patrol boats and pickup boats are in close proximity and the user is under constant supervision of qualified rescue personnel.

This garment must not be worn by anyone who is not proficient in swimming.  

The total buoyancy of this garment is not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person and should not be relied upon to do so. 

This garment is NOT A SAFETY DEVICE approved by the U.S. Coast Guard or any other agency designated to grant such official approvals of flotation devices.  Therefore, this garment will not qualify for the fulfillment of any mandatory watercraft carriage requirement.

Injury or drowning may occur while wearing this garment. User ASSUMES ALL RISK OF injury or death.

This product is provided as-is. No express or implied warranties are made concerning this product’s merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and Siren Watersports, LLC specifically disclaims such warranties.